Hawai’i Begins Its Vaccine Passport Program

05/06/2021 | by konanow | Vacation Rentals

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Hawai’i Begins Its Vaccine Passport Program

June 4, 2021 Update on Hawai’i’s Vaccine Passport Rollout

  • Beginning June 15, 2021, all travelers vaccinated within Hawaii will be able to travel via trans-Pacific routes without a pre-travel test. Those who have been vaccinated in Hawaii will be able to fly and return to the mainland without a pre-travel test.
  • Once the state of Hawaii reaches a 60% vaccination rate – Hawaii may begin allowing trans-Pacific travelers vaccinated on the mainland to travel to Hawaii via the Safe Travels program, without a pre-travel test. Proof of vaccination will be required in some form, details are forthcoming and there is currently no set date for this to begin.
  • Once the state of Hawaii reaches a 70% vaccination rate, the Safe Travels program may be able to conclude. We’ll monitor this situation closely and continue to post updates accordingly here on this page.

Currently, travelers who have been vaccinated within Hawaii, are now able to travel inter-island without being subject to quarantine and testing rules.

Starting on May 11, 2021 fully vaccinated inter-island travelers will be able to skip the state’s mandatory quarantine and COVID-19 pre-travel testing procedures.


Kona Hawaii Rentals What is a Vaccine Passport?

The Hawaii Safe Travel program will soon allow vaccinated inter-island travelers to upload an image of their vaccination card to the Safe Travels Portal. In doing so, travelers will be given the ability to bypass the current COVID testing travel rules. It is estimated that by mid to late June this option will also be made available to travelers coming in from the mainland.

Travelers wanting to participate in the vaccination passport program will be required to have completed vaccination at least 14-days prior to visiting Hawaii.

Kona Hawaii Rentals Will I Need a Need a Vaccine Passport?

According to Hawaii officials, the vaccine passports will only be an option and not a requirement to travel to the Hawaii. The current travel rules are likely to remain in effect for travelers who choose not to be vaccinated.

For both visitors and residents, the current Safe Travel rules do require a negative COVID-19 test result BEFORE beginning the final leg of one’s trip to the State of Hawai’i. The negative test result must be uploaded onto the Safe Travels Portal within 72 hours of departure or printed out prior to departure in order to have a hard copy in hand when arriving to Hawai‘i. Anyone without a negative test result PRIOR to departure must quarantine upon arrival.

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The State of Hawai‘i Safe Travels program is a multilayered approach designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 from both trans-Pacific visitors and resident passengers arriving at airports/ports across the island. With the new vaccine passport program under way, many believe it will be easier at the airport to separate, check and verify people who have and have not received the vaccine.

We encourage you to visit the Hawaii Tourism Authority website to learn more about pre-travel COVID-19 rules and the new vaccine passport program.


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