About Us

Mission Statement:
Kona Now Hawaii Rentals LLC’s mission is to set the standard of high performance and manage residential properties for the success of our clients while ensuring all of our residents have the best quality, most comforting  living experience possible. We feel this can be done with our core beliefs of honesty, integrity, professionalism, cutting edge technology, and hard work. The key to our growth and prosperity is a direct result of our exceptional management team and together we strive for excellence and to ensure the success of our clients, the well-being of our properties and the future of Kona Now Hawaii Rentals LLC.

With Warm Aloha,

Bill Cook RS-82953 – Owner and Short Term Vacation Manager Specialist. 

Jackie Frame RB-23076  – Principal Broker – Real Estate Sales and Long Term Rentals Specialist

Taina Laurila RS-82767 –  Hospitality Specialist and Real Estate Sales. 

Terri Hughes – Accounting and Client Care